Empowering busy professional women to heal chronic pain and thrive.

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Our mission is your path to healing

We believe that something is very wrong when someone goes to a pain relief practitioner for 3+ months and doesn’t see results.  We call this ‘practitioner ping pong’ and it’s our team’s mission to put a stop to it. Our methods are different, because we’ve been there.  Our program is intensive because that’s what’s necessary to put an end to chronic inflammatory cycles. Our mission is to give you the tools, education and results that are needed so that you don’t have to keep relying on us.

There is no such thing as a hopeless case. We have seen the wheelchair-bound return to a happy and healthy life.  The people in daily tears getting to enjoy their families and work again.

We are also here for the people who are working and living their lives with ongoing pain and they want to be free of pain standing in their way.  Either way, if that’s you, you’re who we’re here for.

Meet the team

Tracy Rodriguez

Chief Executive Officer

The Work Pain Free Program was founded by Tracy Rodriguez, who was hit by a semi-truck in 2014.  Tracy tried PT, chiropractic and specialists. No one knew how to help.  She then became a Corrective Exercise Specialist to heal her own body and has been healed and thriving ever since.

Karen Kennedy, MS, CN, IFNCP


Mindy Colucci, OT

Occupational Therapist

Sierra Perry


Cinnamon Heitz

Peer Support Coach and Social Media Manager

Julie Steinmeyer

WPF Coach, PT

Emily Jones

Certified Trauma Coach

Michael Rodriguez

Operations Director / COO

Lauren Franklin

Support Liaison

Conditions & Symptoms

We treat all people who are dealing with chronic pain.  Here are the conditions that we specialize in.

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome



Chronic Pain

Degenerative Disc Disease and Disc Issues



Phase 1 is all about the nervous system rewiring that is a crucial foundation of long term pain relief. 


Phase 2 is intensively focused on endurance, stabilization and strength.  


Phase 3 is what we call the “maintenance phase.”


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