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Led by Tracy Rodriguez, the Work Pain Free team strives to help you achieve more pain-free days.


chief executive officer

The Work Pain Free program was created from Tracy’s desire to help others. She recovered from a traumatic incident, and has chronic illnesses that can cause extreme pain. And when she discovered she could be pain free, she made it her mission to help others achieve a pain-free life as well.

In 2014, Tracy was hit by a semi truck.  She recovered within 6 month, but a year later, the injury relapsed and she was disabled in bed for a year.  Tracy went to the chiropractor, physical therapist and massage therapist and no one was able to heal her.  She later found out that she had undiagnosed Ehlers Danlos Syndrome that was also keeping her from being able to heal.  Tracy became a Corrective Exercise Specialist to heal her own body and now lives pain free with the occasional flare ups.  She now lives empowered and knows exactly what to do when pain comes knocking so that pain doesn’t control her life anymore.

Tracy founded the Work Pain Free Program out of a passion to help other people experience the same freedom from chronic pain that other methods haven’t worked to heal.  As the CEO of the work Pain Free Program, Tracy’s mission is to help others gain the knowledge, tools and wrap-around support that she couldn’t find when she was in pain, to help others get their lives back.  She believes that everyone can live pain free and that they deserve to!

A little more about Tracy

Tracy is married to her amazing husband, Michael, and has two incredible children.  Her family is her whole world and she loves being the mom of a baby and toddler.  Tracy loves to practice pilates, weightlifting, hiking and meditation.  She believes that in another life she would be a baker and enjoys baking and eating cookies way too much for her own good.  On any given evening, you can find her relaxing with her husband and watching Ted Lasso, the X-Files or the Office.


Karen Kennedy, MS, CN, IFNCP


Karen is an integrative and functional nutritionist living and working in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. She holds a MS in Nutrition from Bastyr University, an advanced certificate from the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy, is a Certified Nutritionist in Washington State and also a certified National Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Coach.

Karen has always been interested in how the human body works and how to improve health, as a both a scientist and health provider. She started her higher education and career in the field of immunology and cancer research. Turning toward integrative medicine and a holistic lifestyle approach, she started teaching yoga in 1998, and has taught nutrition and cooking classes since 2001, in addition to working with individuals.

Mindy Colucci, OT

Occupational Therapist

Melinda Colucci is an Occupational Therapist and Certified Associate Ergonomics Professional with experience in Wellness Education and promoting healthy practices in the work place. Mindy received her Occupational Therapy degree from Kean University and started her career as an Ergonomic Specialist making postural corrections and teaching exercises and stretches for a wide list of companies that include Blue Apron, HBO, and NBC. With her extensive knowledge of anatomy and postural analysis she can help tremendously with most chronic and overuse pain and injury. She enjoys educating her client’s about how to use their bodies and muscles to reach their full working potential with no pain!

Cinnamon Heitz

Peer Support Coach & Social Media Manager

Cinnamon Heitz is a Certified Health Coach specializing in Holistic self care, mindfulness, and breathwork. As a peer support coach she connects with our clients during their program journey through both private support and group mixers. Cinnamon was once a client herself, allowing first hand experience of the Work Pain Free program, reviving in her a passion for empowering those with Chronic pain and hypermobility to not just survive but thrive positively in life. Recently, she has also taken on the role of our Social Media manager and program ‘Hype Girl’ which fits her fun and bright energy perfectly.

 Cinnamon no longer allows Ehlers Danlos Syndrome to control her daily life. She instead chooses to be a powerful force in the world and uses her positive attitude and encouraging spirit to uplift and support others. 

Cinnamon is encouraged daily by her husband of 16 years, three incredible children and sassy Golden Retriever. She deeply loves music, especially K-pop, has a love for fashion, beauty, and might just be (definitely is!) a shopaholic. Cinnamon likes to take time for breathwork, good food during great conversation, and bright sunshine all of which ground her to live a more positive and encouraging life.

Sierra Perry


Sierra Perry is a Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist with extensive experience in workplace injury prevention, ergonomic evaluations, and corporate wellness programming. She holds a BS in Bioengineering from the University of Toledo and an additional certification in digestive health education. In her career as an Ergonomics Engineer, she has completed hundreds of industrial workstation and office ergonomics assessments for a 1,200-employee automotive company. Sierra has a passion for equipping clients with the unique tools and education needed to work pain-free. Her goal is to help identify and reduce ergonomic risk in all of life’s daily activities. She enjoys encouraging clients on their journey to develop a life-long practice and mindset of ergonomics.

Sierra enjoys running every distance from 1K to 100K and will always say “yes” to delicious coffee!

Julie Steinmeyer

WPF Coach, PT

Julie Steinmeyer is a Physical Therapist, Exercise Scientist, C-PT, C-NT and Certified Health Coach.  Julie has a specialty certificate in Hand and Upper Quarter Rehabilitation with an emphasis in movement disorders and natural pain relief. Julie received her Physical Therapy degree from St Louis University and certificate from Drexel University. She began her career in outpatient therapy while in St Louis, but soon moved back to her home state of Nebraska and chose to work in Skilled Nursing Facilities with the elderly.  Over the years, she has worked in multiple setting including workman’s compensation, outpatient with a multitude of movement and pain disorders and inpatient settings.  Her love of problem solving has led her to be very passionate pain management and movement disorder management for those suffering. Julie also has extensive experience working with clients that have all types of hypermobility.

Julie cares for her parents, has 3 amazing sons and a crazy Border Collie. She loves music, yoga and the gym.

Emily Jones

Certified Trauma Coach

Emily Jones is an ICF Certified Trauma Coach and the founder of Free Spirit Coaching. She focuses on individual, group, and organizational coaching, creating psychologically safe spaces for processing, mental health support and helping her clients build awareness. She got her degree from the University of Oregon and began working for DODEA Europe within Germany while stationed there with the Army. 
She has trained with many different populations internationally, including special needs children’s programs in Argentina, DODEA Europe, and Easter Seals of West Georgia. After having her own daughters and working through her own post-partum depression, she began her training in trauma coaching for individuals, groups, and organizations. She is now a ICF certified trauma coach, Certified Resiliency & Burnout facilitator, and a Board member for Coach Activism – mental health support for Refugee Aid Organizations. She has a focus on client centered practices for individuals and organizations. When she is not working she loves to travel with her daughters, husband, and giant 1 year old lab named Scout. 

Michael Rodriguez

Operations Director / COO

Bio coming soon.

Lauren Franklin

Support Liaison

Hi, I’m Lauren and I am on the Customer Support Service team at Work Pain Free 🙂
After entering the world of personal training in 2016, I quickly became obsessed with helping others achieve their goals and dreams. I apply this obsession to any role I play because there is no better feeling than watching someone reach for something they really want and finally possess it! Outside of work, I enjoy a nice strength training session or kickboxing class and any time I get to spend with my husband when he’s home. I am a HUGE foodie and love to try new foods, restaurants, or crazy Easy-Bake Oven concoctions made by my sweet little niece. 
I am so excited to be a part of this amazing team!

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